the dreaming

Dreamed of the kids last night. Stephanie was being terrible and I laid hands on her. Not good. I hope that does not mean trouble is brewing. Also dreamed of moving to Canada. Not a bad idea considering the current state of our country.

Been looking at going back to school. I am very interested in getting a Health Technology license/degree. I enrolled but still have to get proof I took a typing course from High School and my transcript from Belhaven sent. I love doing the RFP’s though so I am also considering some computer classes. 

It seems stupid to get an AA after already having a BA but I do not really know what else to do. Hinds is so much cheaper than a 4 year school and with me already having a degree some of the classes are repetitive… Both areas of study are good ones based on my experience and salary range I need to be in. It is a matter of desire. I am not sure which would be the best for me. with the RFP writing it seems like a hard niche to find a home in. Of course, i could stay where I am – which is what I want to do. But both areas again will be of benefit to my current employer. Sigh. I am so NOT good at making decisions for myself. 



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