More dreams

Last night I dreamed of Diane. I do not recall the specifics but in it she was much stronger than she is in the waking day. I suppose I need to contact her and check on her well being. She has fallen away these last few months and I worry she is not getting the help she needs.

I find it interesting that since I did exercise 1 in the ITOW class and expressed my intent that my dreams have been so intuitive. The feel of it is different but this plays along with my belief that just like I am developing allergies to things my abilities seem to be somewhat altering. Originally, I had assumed the shift in my dream world had to do with the medication I was taking but there has been an increase in the number of prophetic dreams that I have as well as these different flavor learning experience dreams. I miss the astral travel but I think my sleeping with the dogs is preventing me from doing that successfully – they come by and wake me up throughout the night not to mention the barking with the deer are moving in the woods at night.

I am super excited about the class if I have not mentioned this before. It is so nice to be the one taking a class for a change. I have made a commitment to myself to just be part of something for a while. Hell, if I could commit to CUUPS for a year with all of the hard work and drama, this should be easy. I just have to remember to enjoy the experience and not allow other people’s drama to effect me. Part of my pact with myself is that I am endeavoring to have a drama free life surrounded by people who inspire me and make me laugh.

Oh – there will be an Ostara ritual later this month that I am hoping to be able to go to. My dad’s treatment was yesterday so the next should be around the 18th/19th – I am hoping by that Saturday he will be feeling good and stay home so that I will not have to go to Brandon to check on my mom.

Side note: been wondering if anyone would like to get together for coffee and tarot readings one day. I need the practice and Mark is not going to let me practice on him.


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